Ateliér Hubart - Umění mění život

Art changes life

Art changes the mood, spreads the energy of joy, brings knowledge and emotional enrichment.


All our lives we have been looking for a way to create beautiful things in beautiful houses, apartments and gardens.

In the ceramic studio Hubart (*1986) we create original accessories and decorations for interiors and exteriors mostly from white stoneware clay. We create original ceramics, sometimes complemented by wood or metal.

v interieru

The functioning of the studio benefits from the difference of views and experience of two generations, Mgr. Iva Hubáčková (*1962) and Mg.A Klára Petrák (*1988).

We honor craftsmanship and are not afraid of new approaches.

In recent years we have been working on mosaic surfaces and objects made of glass, stones and hand-modelled ceramic pieces.


Our most recent realization is a wall mosaic for the coworking center of a Prague company, which combines the creative and technological fields. Its centre consists of a moving image that flows freely into the mosaic section. This creates a connection between old craftsmanship and new technologies.


The mosaic is based on the company's story of the pearlfish, and in the end it became a truly personal object of the space, as the company's employees participated in its creation, creating micro-mosaics nestled between the hand-modelled pieces. It was a very interesting and personal collaboration that evolved over time during the creative process.

In addition to ceramic objects, we are also involved in designing distinctive interiors and bringing them to life artistically. Our personal intention and collaborative approach to the creation of decorations, furniture and the whole space is to be a healing energy for the places that we cultivate and strengthen with colours, materials, structures, shapes, creating a unique harmony in the space.


We create ceramic decorations  such as bowls, vases and candlesticks, but also mosaic tables and original lighting tailored to a specific space.


Where can we meet together or arrange a collaboration?

We would like to invite you to our Prague studio. Just contact us on +420 724 885 921 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a meeting or anything you need.


We have participated in many exhibitions, e.g. Prague Design Week, For Interior, For decor &Home and in 2016 we participated in an international mosaic symposium, where contemporary European and historical mosaics from Ravenna were exhibited together.

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